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At Stardust, we firmly believe that sustainability is not a constraint, but rather a powerful driver of value creation. Incorporating sustainable practices into your business not only helps protect the environment, but it also provides opportunities for innovation and cost savings.


Our team is dedicated to helping our clients leverage sustainability as a strategic advantage. We believe that sustainability should be at the core of any business strategy, from product design to supply chain management.


Innovation: a long, complex journey,
but exciting

Ronan Delisle is the founder and CEO of Stardust. He holds a degree in Marketing from the Nantes Business School, AUDENCIA, where his passion for innovation was ignited. In 1999, he actively participated in the Xerox Eureka project, the first-ever launched community, further fueling his interest in groundbreaking ideas. With a background in consulting and experience working with startups, Ronan took the decision to establish Stardust in 2006, aiming to guide clients through the entire innovation process. Today, the company holds a unique position in the field of innovation, seamlessly integrating all the necessary components to transform ideas into reality.

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